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AMZN TRL LX (Nubuck Brown) AMZN TRL LX (Nubuck Brown) AMZN TRL LX (Nubuck Brown) AMZN TRL LX (Nubuck Brown)
Vans Vault

AMZN TRL LX (Nubuck Brown)

Sale price $175.00 Regular price $45.00
Heavily influenced by the wavy path of the Amazon river and rain forest, Vault by Vans introduces the Taka Hayashi AMZN TRL V3 LX. River rock spiral etching and natural flowing lines detail this silhouette, highlighting the newly featured V3 UR MTE™ outsole while the hardware on the style takes inspiration from vintage backpacks and climbing ropes. The starting point of this design was also inspired by our heritage silhouette, the Buffalo Boot Style 40.