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1461 Babylon (Olive/Black) 1461 Babylon (Olive/Black) 1461 Babylon (Olive/Black) 1461 Babylon (Olive/Black) 1461 Babylon (Olive/Black)
Dr. Martens

1461 Babylon (Olive/Black)

Regular price $150.00

The 1461 3-eye silhouette is built with a double-layer upper: a base of premium black Wanama leather covered with a tear-away olive canvas layer. Each shoe will scuff, mark, and eventually tear off entirely to reveal the contrasting base colour. Designed to be worn and torn your way.

The shoe is detailed with rip tape badges on the heel counter and tongue showing Doc Marten’s and Babylon logos and an exterior zip in brushed silver with a Babylon LA logo puller. The smoke Doc Marten's air-cushioned sole reveals a "CHAOS" sole pad print and is secured with our signature yellow welt stitching.