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Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx) Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx) Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx) Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx) Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx) Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx)

Air Force 1 '07 PRM (Bronx)

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Air Force 1 '07 PRM "Bronx". This Air Force 1 pays tribute to hip-hop's Bronx Origins and the 40th anniversary of the sneaker icon. Since it arrived in '82, the AF1 has been intrinsically tied to the world's most influential music genre, serving as the uniform sneaker for the culture. The dubraes dawn two key years—1973 and 1982—highlighting the birthdates of hip-hop & the inception of AF1 as we know it. And to top it off, the Swoosh & wide laces are reminiscent of a time when the scratch of a record brought people together & the thickness of your laces defined "cool."
This one is a celebration of 50 years of hip-hop music and what's to come.

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